Property Management Software

Dear Property Manager Online,


I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Property Manager.


After doing a lot of research and comparing of prices of letting & management software for my business, I very nearly spent a huge amount of money on a very costly and very complex software database.


Then I found "Property Manager" which I have used in my Letting & Management business  since 2007. 


From Day 1 we found that the system was

  • Easy to understand and use
  • Invaluable in tracking high priority maintenance jobs
  • Is able to produce comprehensive reports for our Tenants, our Landlords and Ourselves
  • Technical support is spot on with quick response times - they are able to assist you remotely -so you don't need to be a technical genius yourself.

I would recommend Property Manager to anyone who is a Buy to let Landlord or Letting & Property Management Agent.


Loraine Marshall



We have been with property manager for nearly 3 years and we have found their software and support to be exceptional.


The system has enhanced our business and been a cost effective property management system. We look forward to the future as the system is continually being improved .


Yours Sincerely,


Cuthbert Simon (CEO)
Focal Point Estates



Property Manager has transformed the way we work as a business, increasing our efficiency and improving the level of service we provide to our clients. This has particularly been aided by the various reports and tracking methods that Property Manager has introduced to our way of working; with at a glance updates and full reports on vital information such as rent payments, maintenance jobs and tenancy agreements.


We have been impressed by the professional and responsive technical support provided by Property Manager. The regular software updates continue to improve this user friendly programme, which is designed to be easily customisable with your own templates and information.


A great value product for any letting agent or property management company.


Samantha Kendall
Parsons Choice




Property Manager has enabled us to simplify the process of rent collection and property maintenance for our clients.


An excellent and complete package.


Chris Hardman

Charles Taylor




Property Manager has been a complete organisational tool for my company and has helped with the daily work.  It looks good as well as being very efficient.


The support team has been very helpful and quick when any assistance is necessary.


Sam Chai

 Lidberg Residential



Property manger online cuts costs and makes my property management business efficient and easy to run.


We started using Property Manager about seven months ago and the product is a well thought out package that incorporates all aspects of administering a property management business, and it easy to use!

The support and customer service is great, every time I call with a question or request they go above and beyond to satisfy me. I am really glad I invested in this product; the software is friendly and completely customizable... currency, standard letter templates and even company logos can be put into Property Manager and all letters and reports carry the stamp of my company.              

Perhaps most important is how we can correspond with our customers and suppliers via the inbuilt text messaging and email feature that Property Manager has. This product is great and I think every property management company should try it out!


Surajo Yashe Property Services (US)




We are a small Estate Management Company trading since 1938. Our previous system was good, but needed up-dating. It was very difficult to find a programme that catered to our requirements and at one stage we hired a computer programmer to invent one to suit our needs.

This was going to be a very costly venture, so we decided to look on the internet where we found Property Manager.


It fulfils all our special requirements as we are more of an estate management business than a property brokerage, and we find it very user friendly.


We are currently in the process of building up our data bank and have been pleasantly surprised by the efficiency and courtesy of the support team; even small enquiries are dealt with professionally.


We would not hesitate to recommend this programme to fellow estate managers.


Anne-Marie Kerr - Partner

Armstrong & Son



St Petroc’s Society has been using Property Manager for some time now and I have found it a very easy piece of software to understand and set up.


The system is currently being used in one of our schemes and it has made the management of the property both in terms of tenant management and the maintenance much improved..   


I have used other systems in the past which cost thousands and they were unable to match the ease of use and simplicity of this software. 


The property maintenance, rent accounting and reporting facilities are excellent  and the product support is fantastic both written and online.


Richard Bryant

Operations Manager

Saint Petrochs Society



On buying our business we discovered that the previous owner had been using several different IT packages and spreadsheets to manage the portfolio of tenants and owners.


None of the systems were coherent or efficient and the systems that were in place were admin heavy and time consuming.


Purchasing Property Manager has been key to helping us to streamline the business and provide a more professional service to both our tenants and our landlords. I would highly recommend Property Manager to anyone managing a rental business.


Debbie Potter-Brown


Property Manager has totally transformed the way we manage our properties & tenants. We now have accurate costings by property and are much more up-to-date on arrears etc.

Once set up, Property Manager saves hours of record keeping each week and allows us to manage our properties and tenants much more efficiently.
EK Properties


I have just been in the process of setting up my letting business in the Doncaster area and would like to thank everyone at Property Manager Online for the efficient and professional service they have provided me.
Not being the best on computers, I have found the package easy to use and it does everything I require to run my business very easily.

I believe I have bought the best package by the best company.
Once again thank you for all your assistance. Ann Green

We have been using Property Manager for over a year. The programme is perfect for our lettings company allowing us to generate personalised overdue letters, tenancy contracts and reports along with a great database to hold all our property and landlord information.

We have just upgraded to the newversion which is even more comprehensive. This is a real must for any letting agency or landlord.

Joanne KiernanderTidall Property Management

We are a small independent letting agency and felt we had outgrown our rather basic admin process and decided an investment in dedicated software could no longer be postponed.

We have been using Property Manager since early this year and recently received the upgraded version 3. The whole package is user friendly and it has taken only a short time to become familiar with its very varied functions.

In summary I would say:
Value for money - Excellent!
Impact on our daily business - Unquestionable
Live support from P M - Patient and completely positive

If you're thinking of buying, go ahead. Do it!

Tim Denley - Managing

I have been using Property Manager for over 2 and 1/2 years now, and find it to be a very good program that is easy to use. Our company had newly purchased a small number of properties, and as I was new to property management, I required a product that was straight forward and would provide me with information on tenants, houses we owned and the rents due. I tried many programs but found this to be the best, as it gave me all the information I required, and for someone who had never dealt with Property Management, this program was ideal.
Also I found the support team was very helpful and patient, and dealt with my sometimes trivial queries promptly.
SES Building Repairs Ltd

We needed something which would be simple to use but flexible, scaleable over time with a cost effective pricing structure. We looked at various of the professional products on the market and they either provided inadequate functionality for our budget or were just too expensive for a small business
It has enabled us to quickly set up the necessary administrative and accounting functions to meet our commitments to the ARMA code of practice. It is providing us with some ready made reports and categories of information which makes it simple for us to update our database once the original setup work has been completed.
At the moment the business is being managed almost on a part time basis. By that we mean that we have a couple of staff who do multiple jobs, there is no dedicated admin or accounts function at this time. Therefore Property Manager with its simple menus and standardised forms has enabled us to produce much higher quality and reliable information for landlords and tenants than using Excel or some of the other bespoke products on the market. Since it is intuitive to use it has allowed us to input data and achieve a higher level of administrative control than if we had been forced to use traditional accounting packages such as Sage.
John Callaghan
Blackwall Rotherhithe Ltd