What operating systems will Property Manager work on? Property Manager is designed to work on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 & 8.


Will Property Manager run on a Mac?You can run Property Manager on your Apple Mac as long as you have a Virtual Machine setup with Windows installed.  This is very easy to do, all you need in a piece of Virtual Machine software such as VWware or Parallels.


These should be available at your local Apple Store for about £90 and the staff at the Apple store should be able to advise you on the one best for your purposes.  Once installed, you can then keep both systems open and work on Property Manager in Windows whilst still using your Mac.

How do I upload to Property Portals? For Letting and Estate Agents, Property Manager allows you to automatically upload your property rental and property sales marketing details to the UK's leading property portals. Prospective tenants or buyers then search the portals, finding your properties and providing you with a strong source of leads and enquiries.


In order to upload the marketing details, please contact the portals to obtain your "Branch ID", which is your unique identifier. Once this is provided, you can automatically upload your available properties at the click of a button!

Can I upload to other Property Portals? Most (if not all) portals in the UK support the RightMove version 3 format of automated information feed.


As such, if you identify a portal that you wish to upload marketing details to, as long as they support the RightMove Version 3 format, then you can easily add the new Portal through the Property Managers Administration menu.


It should take no more than a few seconds to add the portal - then you can immediately start marketing your properties.

What specification PC does Property Manager need? Property Manager should run happily on any PC running Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Vista.

Can Property Manager be networked? Yes, Property Manager can be easily networked so that multiple PC's share a common databse. It takes a few seconds to setup the network. Our support team can perform the setup if required.

Does Property Manager support any currency? When Property Manager is installed, it automatically displays the default currency of your PC. So in the UK, the screens show , in the US $, etc.

Is Property Manager web based? In early 2009, we redesigned Property Manager. Our company had a choice, we could either make Property Manager web based or continue with the program as a desktop application (largely the same amount of effort either way).


We decided to keep Property Manager as a desktop application for the following reasons:


1. Web based property management service providers charge a monthly subscription fee. Most of our clients do not like that. They would rather buy the product outright.


2. When using a web based solution, all your information is held and managed outside your control. Most of our clients do not like the idea of other people outside their organisation managing their critical business information.


3. If there is a technical failure (as the technical setup is much more complicated with a web based solution), then clients could end up going out of business if there was a sustained outage.


4. From the Data Protection Act there are complications that clients need to consider when using a web based service provider. For example, you would need to regularly audit the security of the organisation to ensure it was conforming to the regulation standards.


Aside from the above, desktop applications provide a much richer experience than web based solutions. Considering the above, we felt our clients were best served by a desktop based application.

How do I know which events are coming due over the next 30 days (including overdue and upcoming rent, leases due to expire, maintenance jobs coming due, etc)? The home screen shows all events that are becoming due including rent, maintenance jobs, leases expiring and insurance policies expiring.

How do I customise Property Manager so that it meets my needs? If you wish to generate specific reports (e.g. tell me how much I spent on roof maintenance last year), you may customise any of the expense types, supplier or insurance types, to allow for this type of detailed reporting. Customise the drop down lists, through the 'Administration Menu'.

Why are some of the screens and report details highlighted in different colours? Property Manager brings important information to your attention through the use of colours. For example, unpaid rent would be highlighted in red on a rent report or tenants account statement.

What do the different colours mean? Dates are highlighted in different colours as follows:
= event is due in less than 30 days (e.g. rent due in less than 30 days)
= all OK (e.g. rent has been received, insurance policy active, maintenance job completed)
= alert (overdue rent, tenancy agreement or insurance policy due to end in less than 30 days or maintenance job overdue)
= insurance policy or tenancy agreement has expired

Can Property Manager track monthly rent for my tenants? Property Manager allows you to setup ANY type of payment schedule for your tenants. For example, you can setup weekly, monthly, quarterly or any sequence of payment schedule that you need. Once setup, you can easily track the receipt of the rent and see where rent is overdue.

Can Property Manager track other service charges beyond rent? Property Manager allows you to setup any type of expense schedule for your tenants. For example, you can setup ground rent charges, utility charges or cleaning charges and easily track the payments.

Some of my tenants are housed by the DSS. The tenant pays some of the rent and the DSS pay the rest. Can Property Manager track the payments? When dealing with DSS tenants, you normally setup two contracts, one for the DSS with their payment schedule and one for the tenant with their payment schedule. That way, you can easily keep track of the payments from both parties.

Can I add my own standard letters and customise the existing letters and agreements?

Property Manager allows you to easily add new standard letters, which are based on MS Word templates. All templates can be easily customised to meet your requirements.