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2014 - March - Property Manager Cloud Server & Windows Terminal Server Released - Version 7.6


We are pleased to release Property Manager version 7.6 which allows customers to run Property Manager on Windows Cloud servers as well as on Windows Microsoft Terminal Servers. These changes allow customers to run Property Manager 'in the cloud' and access Property Manager via the internet on most devices such as desktop PC's, iPads and mobile devices. This is a perfect solution for teams that are based at different sites or for staff that are often out of the office.



2013 - July - Property Manager Quick Search & Email Enhancements - Version 7.5 Released


Property Manager version 7.5 extends the Quick Search capability so you can now 'google search' on property, tenant, landlord and contractor. The release also includes some enhancements to the email service so you can now email future tenants as well as current tenants.


2013 - January - Property Manager MS Outlook Diary Synchronisation - Version 7.4 Released


Property Manager Agent Edition, allows you to automatically synchronise diary events such as annual gas inspections, lease renewals and rent payments with your MS Outlook calendar. In addition, you can customise which alerts are synchronised - for example, just maintenance jobs. This provides a powerful addition to the existing MS Word and MS Excel integration.


2012 - October - Property Manager Multi Bank Account - Version 7.3 Released


Property Manager are delighted to announce the launch of their latest version that allows customers to setup multiple bank accounts within Property Manager. Transactions for a particular property or building can now be automatically posted to the appropriate bank account.



2012 - May - Property Manager Maintenance Manager Enhancements - Version 7.2 Released


Property Manager are pleased to announce that their latest version allows maintenance managers to now assign multiple workers to jobs, recording hours worked and auto calculating job charges based on hours worked and materials used. Time sheets can now be generated for each worker along with a number of other powerful reports that give you tight control of your maintenance activity, workers and expenses.



2012 - March - Property Manager Maintenance Manager Enhancements - Version 7.1 Released


With our growing number of clients that are large property maintenance companies, our latest release includes a number of new features that help automate and streamline maintenance departments. The latest version includes job work flow so you can, for example, see which jobs are awaiting approval, approved, scheduled or complete. The update also allows you to see who created and last updated each job.



2011 - June - Property Manager Enterprise Maintenance Manager- Version 7 Released


Property Manager announces the launch of their enterprise Maintenance Manager. The latest version of Property Manager is designed to support property maintenance managers that look after 1000's of properties . The latest version automates many of the routine day to day tasks that maintenance managers perform such as recording jobs, looking up jobs, generating work orders and checking on job status.





2010 - December - Property Manager Enterprise Edition - Version 6.0 Released


Property Manager are pleased to announce that the new enterprise Microsoft SQL Server version of Property Manager is now available. The enterprise version can support any number of networked users and can manage 1000's of properties.


Larger organisations can now benefit from this highly scalable, robust and secure version of Property Manager.



2010 - November - Quick Search & Commercial Tenant Management - Version 5.1 Released


Property Managers Quick Search feature allows you to perform a google type search across your whole business, instantly finding what you are looking for and displaying the results in a screen that allows you to automatically see all the details you need (such as property details, tenant details, current balance, lease details, contact details).  From the one screen you can email or send SMS messages to tenants, landlords and contractors, generate statements and other reports. In addition, this release extends the Tenant section to include commercial leases.




2010 - September - Online Marketing - version 5 Released


We are very excited to launch our new online marketing feature that enables property professionals to upload their property marketing details to the major portals such as RightMove, Zoopla, Primelocation and Globrix.


There has been huge demand from our clients regarding this feature - particularly highlighted at the Property Professional Show. We are delighted with the speed of this feature, allowing you to almost instantly select all available properties and upload them with the click of a button!


e-Mark as mentioned in the September edition of Property Drum, will be going live in September, allowing you to automatically generate and send marketing emails to prospects for both lettings and sales. The emails will be formatted like an email newsletter, showing pictures of properties, summary details, prices and providing a link for more details. If the link is clicked, the user will then automatically download and view the property PDF brochure.


All of this has been made possible by working closely with our clients and not forgetting, of course, a great team of developers who are equally passionate about our product.


Arrange an online demonstration to see the new capabilities!



2010 - May - version 4.1 Released


Our May release adds a number of new productivity improvements:

The tenant section has been enhanced to hold additional employment, bank and previous landlord details.


Reference requests for these additional contacts can be generated automatically.


The home screen diary has been enhanced so that in addition to showing all events that require your attention, you may also use the diary as a shared calendar, adding in your own diary events, just like in MS Outlook. Single event or recurring diary events can be added. The diary events can be colour coded to make it easier to see certain types of event.


Arrange an online demonstration to see the new capabilities!


2010 - April - version 4.0 Released


Many new features and capabilities added:

Property Manager screen designs and layout have been enhanced to make the program even easier to use than before.


We have now introduced some basic workflow so you can easily add a new property, add a tenant and then setup the tenants lease.


The home screen alerts have been enhanced to allow you to drill down into the alert detail. So for example you now see the total rent overdue on the home page and can automatically see a report of which tenants are in arrears.



2010 - February - Version 3.3 Released Many new productivity features added, including:

Email "workbench" added to make it easy to preview and send email invoices, statements and overdue rent reminders to all your tenants and landlords.


Colour coding introduced to all reports - highlighting overdue and upcoming events that require attention.


Now you can export the general accounts ledger to Microsoft Excel.


Now you can book multiple keys in and out for a property


We have simplified the setup and application of late rent charges


We have added the ability to automatically generate and email a payment receipt.




2009 - July - Version 3.2 Windows 7 Release Now Available


2009 - Version 3.1 - This is a re-write of the application, moving it to the latest 2009 technologies. The new version provides: Improved user interface
Support for multiple owners against a single property
Ability to add new standard letters
Ability to send email and SMS instant messages to tenants, suppliers and landlords
Ability to create PDF marketing brochures
Improved reporting throughout the program
Improved productivity through use of new screens
Ability to support large numbers of network users
Ability to set user permissions at a menu level
Ability to provide automatic upgrades as new versions become available.

Designed with the latest technology, the new version allows us to rapidly enhance and release new features to our customer base.

2008 - Version 2.0 Following functionality added: Property Manager has been given a new easy to use interface.
Added ability to setup recurring maintenance jobs.
Added ability to setup recurring expenses.
Enhanced the Agent Edition to include 3 landlord statements (Landlord Expense Statement / Landlord Income Statement / Landlord Summary Statement)

2007 - 1.9 Following functionality added: A number of enhancements have been added to make it easier to add and maintain property, tenant, accounting and maintenance details.
Added ability to track and generate reports on where tenant enquiries come from ie newspaper advert, internet, referral, etc. A graphical summary report has been added that shows the number of enquiries by area, how they heard about the property, by month, etc.
Added ability to reconcile your bank statement with Property Manager
Deployed our second Windows Vista release.

2007 - 1.8 Microsoft Vista compatible release.

2006 1.7 Following functionality added: Property Availability reports enhanced to show monthly / weekly property availability based on contract start and end dates.
Property Manager diary added to allow any event to be recorded.
Diary enhanced to automatically include events such as contract expiry, maintenance jobs becoming due, insurance expiring and rent becoming due.
Diary enhanced to allow automated events to be switched on or off.

2005 1.6 Following functionality added: Automatically generate all correspondence (see above) within Property Manager - no need for MS Word
Ability to email correspondence to recipient
Ability to customise all correspondence templates including email message
Allow users to customise reminder report settings (eg list all rent due in 1 week and maintenance jobs in 2 weeks, insurance expiring in 3 weeks, etc)
Apply colour alerting to all reports and screens as per reminder report settings (eg upcoming rent in yellow)
Allow users to add building sub units (eg have 1 building with 3 flats)
Enable building and unit reporting throughout Property Manager
Agent features added:

Landlord Reporting extended across all reports

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