Property Management Software
One solution for everything Property Manager is the one stop solution for everything you need to manage your business.

Run Property Manager on your desktop PC's or in the cloud.

Property Manager Features
Landlord Edition | Agent Edition
Properties - hold all your property details in one place
Record key property information such as marketing details, inventories, utility details, energy efficiency ratings and images of the properties
Manage Up To 30 Properties
Manage Any Number Of Properties
Record details on any type of property, flat, building or unit. Property Manager easily handles HMO and buildings with multiple units.
Attach files such as legal documents, energy efficiency rating certificates and photos to any property, flat or unit.
Property Search - find suitable properties for your prospective tenants and create professional marketing brochures
Record Landlord details and generate landlord reports
Online Marketing- let Property Manager market your properties
Automatically generate stunning marketing emails for your prospective tenants
Automatically generate PDF Marketing Brochures & Window Brochures
Automatically upload your properties for rent or for sale to the leading UK property portals - ensuring your properties get maxium internet exposure. Note that you will need an existing account with the portal in order to upload your marketing details.
Accounts - let Property Manager organise your finances
Record income and expense against your properties
Classify expense by expense type to aid reporting
Automatically record transactions to any number of bank accounts allowing you to mirror your actual bank account setup
Produce various financial reports such as income, expense and profit & loss reports
Agent accounting allows you to automatically generate commission charges, generate landlord statements and see financial reports for your business as well as your landlords
Tenants - Never miss a payment again. Let Property Manager organise your commercial and residential tenants
Keep track of all your tenant enquiries helping you market your business
Store commercial and residential tenant details such as reference, employer and guarantor details
Easily setup residential or commercial tenancy leases that allow you to track deposits, rent and other one off or recurring payments across your entire property portfolio
Automatically generate tenancy agreements, tenant statements, overdue rent reminders and other correspondence and reports
Use Property Managers powerful communication capability to email and even send instant messages to your tenants*
Generate various landlord reports
Maintenance - Let Property Manager organise your maintenance activity across your entire property portfolio
Record and track any type of maintenance activity for your properties such as repairs or gas inspections.
Track the maintenance jobs to completion, recording key details such as materials used, labour costs and attach any document or file to a job such as gas certificates or tenant inventory inspections.
Automatically produce job sheets, purchase orders and reports on your maintenance activity
Easily communicate with your contractors via email or instant message*
Generate various landlord reports
Suppliers - Hold all your supplier details in one place
Record key supplier details such as their contact details, telephone numbers and email address
Lookup suppliers either alphabetically or by supplier type (eg decorator)
Produce supplier payment history reports
Let Property Manager keep track of key loans to suppliers
Insurance - Let Property Manager track your insurance policies and remind you when they are due for renewal
Other Features
Through Property Managers powerful communication capability, easily send emails or instant messages* to your tenants, landlords and suppliers.
Property Manager Diary- brings important information to your attention such as rent due or maintenance activity that has been scheduled along with a number of key business alerts such as an overdue rent alert
Automatically synchronise Property Managers Diary with MS Outlook so you are automatically reminded about gas inspections, lease renewals and other important events
Property Manager can easily be networked so that multiple PC's can share one database. Remote PC's or branches can access Property Manager through a secure VPN connection.
Property Managers powerful Google type search feature, allows you to instantly lookup tenant, property and supplier details.
Property Manager Enterprise Edition - Microsoft SQL Server Express edition available for customers with larger portfolios of properties and multiple users.
*As SMS are sent via the mobile phone network, a small cost is charged to send each SMS.

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